54th European Marine Biology Symposium

The 54th European Marine Biology Symposium was held in Dublin from 25-29 August 2019. The event gathered a large delegacy of scientists involved in marine biology and ecology research from Europe and beyond. The presentations focused on four main themes, i.e. the rapid changes of organisms, communities and ecosystems, the movement and redistribution of species, biological traits and the blue growth. Dr. Maria Vittoria Marra (NUIG-National University of Ireland Galway) presented the poster ‘EBB – The European Blue Biobank’ to illustrate mission, approach and outcomes of the EBB project and the role played by NUIG in it. The poster presentation gave Dr. Marra the chance to engage with the audience about the participation of Ireland in EBB as well as in EMBRC, which was also present at the symposium with a dedicated stand.