The main outcomes of the EBB project are:

1. E-tools for Biobank Management: technical SOPs, methodologies and management procedures.

E-tools will be developed to harmonize database structure and client-server architecture throughout all involved biobanks, improving overall operational standards. The new system will have a special focus on ensuring traceability to comply with ABS and other legislation.

2. Common Access System to EMBRC-ERIC MBRs collections.

The harmonized database structure will provide input to an advanced user-friendly virtual screening web interface, integrated into EMBRC´s access portal that will facilitate fully traceable access to MBRs, notably for applied research.

3. Implementation of Best Practice Guidelines for marine biobanks.

Standardized procedures will be implemented by all biobanks for supplying samples of MBRs and associated information to third parties, ensuring its traceability and compliance with ABS regulations. Guidelines include material accession forms for deposition of new material in biobanks, Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and a uniform identification system for samples to facilitate tracking of all material and its use.

4. Registration in the EU Registry of Culture Collections.

In close collaboration with relevant Competent National Authorities, the procedure to include in the EU Registry of Culture Collections the biobanks participating in the EBB project will be launched.

5. Development of Best Practice Guidelines for commercial research.

The European Blue Biobank will be the first ones to develop and apply Best Practice Guidelines on Accessing MBRs for Commercial Research under ABS legislation. Flagship practical use-cases proposed by end-users will be beta tested during the EBB project and a “What to do when accessing marine biological resources for commercial or close-to- market research” guide will be developed.

EBB, the European Blue Biobank.