5th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference

The annual Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference is the central hub for stakeholders of the Atlantic Strategy to meet, seek ways of cooperation, share information and identify funding and financial opportunities and partnerships for their projects and business. It offers a great transnational publicity opportunity to deliver the Atlantic Action Plan key messages and further promote awareness of its achievements.

The 5th edition of the conference was held in Vigo, Spain, on October 23-24, 2018. The conference focus was on actions to boost youth employment in the maritime domain and it gathered political leaders, maritime clusters, enterprises, academic institutions, funding donors and investors from all across the Atlantic seaboard. More specifically, this year’s conference focused on how to pursue a career in the maritime sector, how to obtain the necessary skills and embrace innovation without negatively affecting employment in the Atlantic area, while at the same time emphasising present opportunities for project development relevant to the Atlantic strategy and to the objectives of the Atlantic Action Plan.

During the conference, the Atlantic Project Awards winners were announced. The EBB project was the winner in the “Atlantic Marine and Coastal Environment” Category. These Awards are designed to honour outstanding success stories, achieved by projects in the geographical area covered by the Atlantic Strategy that showcase relevance to the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan. They promote individual winners but at the same time highlight the incorporation and scaling up of best practices at regional, national, European and international level.

Agenda of the event.