WiLSI workshop “Digital Sequence information, Open Access, and Sustainable Benefit Sharing: Scientific Input to International Policy Decisions”

Ibon Cancio participated in the workshop and on enrolment was invited to present his perspective as researcher on the utilization of Digital Sequence Information in marine biological sciences. The aim of the workshop was to present European Commission policy makers and Nagoya national focal points on the needs of researchers in regard to DSI and the hurdles that new regulations in the framework of the Nagoya protocol on Access and benefit Sharing could impose in scientific advances.

Three regulatory scenarios were discussed in advance of the COP meeting to take place in China in October 2020.

The contents of the workshop can be visited here: https://www.dsmz.de/collection/nagoya-protocol/digital-sequence-information/dsi-workshop-march-2020

Biotechnologies marines – Sorbonne Université

Marine biotechnology is a growing sector that is a remarkable source of innovation. Sorbonne University is one of Europe’s leading research forces in this field. Innovations and know-how were presented in the 15-minutes pitch format.

We met experts in the field and discovered EMBRC-France platforms, this national marine biology research infrastructure offers innovative services open to academic and private actors.

The Sorbonne University-Enterprise meetings presents a great opportunity to exchange and share ideas between industry and academia; the know-how and results, that are likely to be transferred or co-developed with SMEs, specialized VSEs or large companies, in order to meet the needs of industrial partners.