EBB in Costa Rica

On November 2019, Dr. Elsa Cabrita gave the talk “Reproducción de peces”, in Puntarenas (Costa Rica). On this course Dr. Elsa Cabrita gave a masterclass showing how to cryopreserve semen from the fish “pargo manchado”, disseminating also the EBB project. This course was organized by LARVAplus red (CYTED).

3rd General Assembly of EBB-project

The Plentzia Marine Station in the University of the Basque Country (PiE-UPV/EHU) hosted the 3rd general assembly of the EBB project with a first day meeting on the Plentzia Marine Station in Plentzia and a second day in the “Bizkaia Aretoa” of the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao. The advances within each work package were discussed and way ahead during the last year of the project decided.

Within the assembly we hosted the Mini-workshop on EBB Quality Management Systems and a discussion on ABS Best practice guidelines in which Anne Nivart of CETAF and the French national Natural History Musseum and Juan Luis Gomez Pinchetti of the Spanish Algae Bank participated as invited experts.

The meeting was reflected in a short publication in the magazine Europa Azul:

Agentes se reúnen en el País Vasco para coordinar el Biobanco Marino Europeo

Publication in the magazine “Europa Azul”

Agentes se reúnen en el País Vasco, para coordinar el Biobanco Marino Europeo” was published following the 3rd General Assembly geld in Plentzia and Bilabo (5-6 November 2019) in the magazine Europa Azul, dedicated to inform on issues related to fisheries, aquaculture, maritime transport, research and oil and gas in the Basque and the Galician autonomous regions.

Forum Blue Cluster – Human health and well being of the future

The marine by-products (marine bacteria, algae, micro-algae,etc) represent a huge potential for innovation for the health and well-being of the future. This annual event dedicated to the stakeholders of marine bio-resources will be devoted to the health theme human and well-being of the future. A highlight of many innovations concerning candidate-drug molecules, medical devices, biomaterials, health food supplements, etc. The Forum Blue Cluster brings together academic and industrial players from the West of France and aims to promote the development of innovative projects in the marine biological resources sector. Pôle de Mer did a presentation of our cluster and the project EBB, we had a stand in the event, flyers were distributed, and we talked about the project with the participants. This in order to raise the awareness of the project among different actors.

Workshop: “Fostering development of micro-algal-based industries: legal and practical aspects”

Belén Martín Míguez, coordinator of EBB project, together with Maria José Chapela, coordinator of Enhance Microalgae project (both Interreg Atlantic Area), organised the workshop “Fostering development of micro-algalbased industries: legal and practical aspects” which was part of the event Business2Sea that gathers annually stakeholders from the marine realm. The workshop firsrconsidered legal frameworks that can hinder exploitation of micro-algae. In particular, Fiz da Costa, from EBB project offered a talk on Nagoya protocol implementation. In the second part, two representatives from Neoalgae and A4f companies presented their activities and perspectives on those legal frameworks and how they impact their businesses. The audience (which included some other members of EBB project such as Vitor Vasconcelos and Guilherme Scotta from CIIMAR) participated in the debate.