Business2Sea 2020

The 10th edition of Business2Sea organized by CETMAR Foundation and Fórum Oceano was held from the 16th to 20th of November 2020 in virtual format. The European Blue Biobank (EBB) project contributed to this event with an awareness workshop entitled “Do not be a biopirate: the European Blue biobank can help you use marine genetic…


WiLSI webinar “Finding compromise on ABS & DSI in the CBD: Requirements & policy ideas from a scientific perspective”

Ibon Cancio was invited to participate as scientific advisor in the steering committee of the German project “WiLDSI: Science-based approaches for Digital Sequence Information” (Directed by: Leibniz Institutes DSMZ, IPK Gatersleben). In the framework of this project the White Paper “Finding compromise on ABS & DSI in the CBD: Requirements & policy ideas. From a…


“Reprodução em aquacultura”

On 13th July of 2020, Drs. Elvira Fatsini and Catarina Oliveira gave one talk entitled “Reprodução em aquacultura” inside of “Ciência, uma visão do futuro” course held in Faro (Portugal) by Zoom platform. On this course Drs. Fatsini and Oliveira gave a masterclass showing how the reproduction works in aquaculture, above all in fish species…


Digital Life Norway, Bioprospecting Workshop on Access, Regulation and Digital Data

The workshop aimed at enabling an arena for researchers, policy advisors and legal practitioners to discuss current developments on debates on access to and commercial exploitation of biodiversity. Some key questions: What happens when physical collections become digital data? How would data be published, stored and shared? How would the access to digital collections be regulated? How…


Ocean Sustainability Bergen Conference; ‘SDG14 – Life Below Water: Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Ocean’

Ocean Sustainability Bergen is a virtual centre at the University of Bergen (UiB), working with partner institutions worldwide in ocean science and education. The aim is to engage with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDSs). Ocean Sustainability Bergen takes care of day to day activities in relation to UiB’s status as the Hub for SDG 14:…


Biotechnologies marines – Sorbonne Université

Marine biotechnology is a growing sector that is a remarkable source of innovation. Sorbonne University is one of Europe’s leading research forces in this field. Innovations and know-how were presented in the 15-minutes pitch format. We met experts in the field and discovered EMBRC-France platforms, this national marine biology research infrastructure offers innovative services open…


Ocean BtoB

Pôler Mer Bretagne Atlantique has organized Ocean BtoB. This is the annual business convention around marine technologies open to companies from all maritime fields. This event aims to create links between industrial clusters around maritime innovation and blue biotechnologies. Ocean BtoB brings together a wide range of companies, large groups and SMEs, wishing to develop…


EBB in Costa Rica

On November 2019, Dr. Elsa Cabrita gave the talk “Reproducción de peces”, in Puntarenas (Costa Rica). On this course Dr. Elsa Cabrita gave a masterclass showing how to cryopreserve semen from the fish “pargo manchado”, disseminating also the EBB project. This course was organized by LARVAplus red (CYTED).


Latin & Caribbean Aquaculture 2019

On November 2019, Ms. Catarina Anjos gave one talk in the “LACQUA 2019 Conference” held in San José (Costa Rica). On this conference Ms. Catarina Anjos presented two studies related to the cryopreservation of oyster and venus gallina larvae in one oral presentation disseminating the EBB project.


Forum Blue Cluster – Human health and well being of the future

The marine by-products (marine bacteria, algae, micro-algae,etc) represent a huge potential for innovation for the health and well-being of the future. This annual event dedicated to the stakeholders of marine bio-resources will be devoted to the health theme human and well-being of the future. A highlight of many innovations concerning candidate-drug molecules, medical devices, biomaterials,…


Congreso Latino Americano conjunto de Reproducción

On 12th of September 2019, Dr. Elsa Cabrita participated in the congress “Congreso Latino Americano Conjunto de Reproducción” held in Santiago de Chile (Chile). She gave a talk related to the different methodologies applied in cryopreservation of germ cells from several fish and bivalve species, promoting the EBB project.


SPACE – Aquaculture Feed Forum

The SPACE – Aquaculture Feed Forum is a key event for French and international aquaculture businesses.  In France are located a wide variety of fish farms, as well as many companies offering solutions for aquaculture. This event included speeches by several international experts in the aquaculture sector. Pôle de Mer distributed flyers and explained the…


7th International Workshop on the Biology of Fish Gametes

On the 2nd of September 2019, UAlg team (Drs. Elsa Cabrita, Catarina Oliveira, Elvira Fatsini and Ms. Catarina Anjos) attended the workshop on the Biology of Fish Gametes in Rennes (France), organized by INRA. In this workshop Ms Catarina Anjos presented a poster on EBB implementation cryopreservation protocols in Portuguese oysters. The title of the poster…


54th European Marine Biology Symposium

The 54th European Marine Biology Symposium was held in Dublin from 25-29 August 2019. The event gathered a large delegacy of scientists involved in marine biology and ecology research from Europe and beyond. The presentations focused on four main themes, i.e. the rapid changes of organisms, communities and ecosystems, the movement and redistribution of species,…


“Collections as an educational resource”. 7th European Phycological Congress

During the 7th European Phycological Congress (EPC) in Zagreb in August 2019 a group of the leading algal culture collections organized a satellite meeting to present and discuss topics relevant to the running of major international culture collections. During this meeting, Ian Probert (Sorbonne University) hosted a roundtable discussion topic entitled “Collections as an educational…


BIO World Congress 2019

From the 8th to 11th of July 2019, the IBioIC will be presenting on biorefineries and taking a stand at BIO World Congress to showcase the work of the Centre including our membership of the EBB project consortium. BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and AgTech is a unique forum for business executives, government officials,…

Ryan Institute Research Day 2019

Maria Vittoria Marra and Grace McCormack attended the Ryan Institute Research Day organised in NUI Galway, in 31st of May, 2019. The Ryan Institute is the largest Research Institute in this University, comprising 90 teams and 500 researchers working on sustainability related matters . (http://www.nuigalway.ie/ryaninstitute/).

Workshop on Cryopreservation of Marine Genetic Resources: from the Ocean to your Marine Station

In June 2019, Dr. Elsa Cabrita gave two talks in the “Workshop on Cryopreservation of Marine Genetic Resources: from the Ocean to your Marine Station” held in Oban (Scotland). In this workshop Dr Cabrita explained aspects of different methodologies applied in cryopreservation of germ cells from several fish (zebrafish, Senegalese sole, turbot); germ cells and larvae from bivalve…


Environmental Specimen Banks Conference 2019

The researcher Xabier Lekube (Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea) presented the poster “Level of compliance with the Nagoya protocol within the Biscay Bay Environmental Specimen Bank” in the  5th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks Conference 2019 held in Stockholm (Sweden) from 3-5 June 2019, with the co-authors Arnaud Larroquete, Anne Emmanuelle Kervella, Ian Probert, Antonio Villanueva…

European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster (EMBRIC) closing meeting

In the EMBRIC closing meeting held in Paris (France) in May 2019 EMBRC-France and SU presented a poster entitled “Facilitating the Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) mechanism within EMBRC”.


Workshop “Marine genetic resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction: bridging policy, law, science and research and development”

Nicolas Pade, Executive director of EMBRC, gave a presentation entitled “Knee deep in the ocean–accessing marine biodiversity” in the panel session “Fostering the availability of MGR: the role of collections and research infrastructures” of the Workshop “Marine genetic resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction: bridging policy, law, science and research and development” presenting EMBRC and…


ELSA Deusto Maritime event: Market and Environment

Ibon Cancio was invited to deliver the conference entitled “The Nagoya Protocol and the Utilization of Genetic Resources” in the “ELSA Deusto Maritime event: Market and Environment” organised by ELSA “European Law Students Association” in de la The University of Deusto, 05 April 2019.


Weekly FBA (Nord University) Lunch Seminar

On the 7th of January 2019, Dr. Elsa Cabrita gave a talk in the weekly FBA Lunch seminar of the Nord University, in Bodo (Norway). This seminar, entitled “Breeding management for aquaculture and conservation”,  showed different methodologies applied in cryopreservation of germ cells from several fish and bivalve species, promoting and disseminating the EBB project.


Fórum Oceano promoted EBB project during the Business2Sea event

The 8th edition of Business2Sea – Sea Forum was organised by Fórum Oceano, the Portuguese Maritime Cluster, in collaboration with CETMAR Foundation, from 14th to 16th of November 2018. The event took place in Oporto, under the main topic “2030 Sea Challenges”, gathering around 600 stakeholders from 10 European and non-European countries. Business2Sea is an…

Seminar | From ocean to lab: Marine genetic resources and their application in the production of novel bioactive molecules

It is well known that oceans are home to an enormous biological diversity and represent a reservoir, barely explored, of a multitude of bioactive molecules with potential applicability in different fields such as human health. The path from collecting marine organisms, detecting molecules with biological activity, all the way until these reach the market as…

Marine Biodiscovery Science Workshop

The Marine Institute hosted a one day workshop on Tuesday, September 4th that brought together Irish researchers broadly working in the field of marine biodiscovery in order to facilitate knowledge exchange, identify potential synergies and research links, and increase awareness of the national expertise, data and other resources. This with the view to maximise the potential…

16th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Annual Colloquium

The 16th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Annual Colloquium with the theme “The Transformation of Environmental Law and Governance: Innovation, Risk and Resilience” was held at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, from Wednesday 4th July to Friday 6th July 2018. Laura Movilla from the University of Vigo chaired the Session “Voices, Rights and…

O rumo da Bioeconomia Azul em Portugal – Soluções nacionais para desafios globais

As a participant of the think tank contributed to identifying problems and opportunities for the marine bioresources and biotechnology sector. Had the opportunity to network and raise awareness with some institutions regarding the activities of the EBB project.


Seminar | The law of the sea and vulnerable people and groups

On 24th May 2018, Laura Movilla presented “Challenges of developing countries in the access and benefit-sharing of marine genetic resources” at the seminar: “The law of the sea and vulnerable people and groups”, held at the Port Authority of Vigo. Abstract of the presentation: Developing countries face specific access and benefit-sharing difficulties related to the…

EBB, the European Blue Biobank.