FEMS 2019 | 8th Congress of European Microbiologists

From 7th to 11th  of July 2019, IBioIC will be taking a stand at FEMS2019 to showcase the work of the Centre to a scientific audience.

FEMS brings together leading scientists spanning the various fields of microbiology. The congress will showcase recent developments to address some of the global challenges we face today such as antimicrobial resistance, environmental pollution and the emergence of pathogenic disease. The FEMS congresses are the only scientific meetings at European and International level providing a unique forum for interdisciplinary dialogue between all microbiological specialities from basic research to applied and across all sectors – academic, policy, business, educational, and communications.

Know more at: https://fems2019.org/

Workshop on Cryopreservation of Marine Genetic Resources: from the Ocean to your Marine Station

In June 2019, Dr. Elsa Cabrita gave two talks in the “Workshop on Cryopreservation of Marine Genetic Resources: from the Ocean to your Marine Station” held in Oban (Scotland). In this workshop Dr Cabrita explained aspects of different methodologies applied in cryopreservation of germ cells from several fish (zebrafish, Senegalese sole, turbot); germ cells and larvae from bivalve species (Portuguese oyster, Chamelea gallina), contributing to the dissemination of EBB project.

Environmental Specimen Banks Conference 2019

The researcher Xabier Lekube (Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea) presented the poster “Level of compliance with the Nagoya protocol within the Biscay Bay Environmental Specimen Bank” in the  5th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks Conference 2019 held in Stockholm (Sweden) from 3-5 June 2019, with the co-authors Arnaud Larroquete, Anne Emmanuelle Kervella, Ian Probert, Antonio Villanueva and Ibon Cancio.

Link to the conference: https://www.nrm.se/english/researchandcollections/environmentalresearchandmonitoring/esbconference2019.9005231.html