The EBB is the first initiative to propose practical long-term transnational coordination of marine biobanks. It will establish the European Blue Biobank.

A world class centrally curated marine biobank operated by EMBRC-ERIC, setting the basis for the common operation of the leading marine biobanks in Europe. To achieve this, tools and common procedures for the ex-situ maintenance of Marine Biological Resources will be developed, and harmonization in the application of procedures to comply with regulations on access to genetic resources will be ensured. The European Blue Biobank will provide academia with easy access to marine biodiversity, its associated data, and extractable products.

Main resources for academia:
- E-tools for biobank management and users access to MBRs
- Common methodologies for long-term ex-situ preservation of MBRs
- Quality Management System for biobanks
- Best Practice Guidelines on Access and Benefit Sharing
- Access System to the European Blue Biobank

EBB, the European Blue Biobank.